The Operational Group, commonly shortened as LG, is the executionary body of the Aerospace Chapter where you can find the positions within the chapter who organize and manage different activities or hold fiduciary roles. 

The members of the Operational Group with their associated abbreviations are the following;  

  • Vice President (Vice)
  • Head of Pub (KBM)
  • Head of Chapter Hall (Lokal) 
  • Head of Student Welfare (StuRe)
  • Head of Reception (MA)
  • Head of Business Relations (ARMA)
  • Head of Information (Info) 
  • Head of Education (SNO) 
  • Head of Equality, Diversity and Equal Treatment (JMNLO) 
  • Head of Events (Hexmästare) 
  • Jubilee General (Jubel) 

These roles are elected during the third Chapter Meeting of the year, in the school year’s autumn term. The members of the Operational Group hold no desitional authority but are operationally responsible for their roles. 

These are the following members of LG 2021! 

Head(s) of Pub (KBM)

The two heads of Pub hold an operational responsibility for the Pub within the chapter, which entails an economic responsibility and are liable to provide an annual report for the section. The heads of Pub nominates members, through internal recruitment, called “Skippers” who act as help by working with minor operational roles and assisting the Pub during the Friday Pubs or similar events. The heads of Pub shall also work towards peace on earth, forging a strong loving bond with the other chapters at KTH and abolishing the tax on beer. The head of Pub shall be regarded with the utmost praise and respect by their fellow chapter members, as stated within the bylaws.

Johan Ahnfalk, Ramin Dabiri a.k.a. DABFALK

Head of Business Relations (ARMA)

The head of Business Relations is responsible for the business cooperations and communications within the chapter. They internally recruit the members for the Aerospace Chapter’s Business Relations unit, abbreviated FARMEN, to work with the operational goal of improving the chapter’s communication and relations with the industry. 

Rebecka Vestman

Head of Student Welfare (StuRe)

The head of Student Welfare is responsible for assisting the student’s well-being within the chapter and represents the chapter at THS’s Welfare Council. They have professional confidentiality and are available to help chapter members by offering support through difficult times by helping reaching out to the student health or appropriate measures regarding the incident.

Gabriel Kronberg

Head of Equality, Diversity and Equal Treatment ( EDET/JMNLO)

The head of EDET is responsible for creating and maintaining an environment within the chapter that allows for inclusiveness and equal treatment among peers, where everyone can feel safe. They are also responsible for the internal recruitment for the EDET-Council where they together can cooperate to work within operational goals within the chapter. 

Edward Feigin

Head of Education (SNO)

The head of Education is responsible for the educational issues within the chapter and participates in THS’s Education Council and the Faculty meetings. Their main role is to bring forth the opinions of the students regarding their education and work for improvements on behalf of the chapter. They are also responsible that there exists a proper communicaiton channel between students and teachers in order to maintain a healthy relationship between the two parts. 

Celeste Holm

Head of Information  (INFO)

The head of Information has the role to provide the chapter’s members with information regarding upcoming events and important points of notice. They are also responsible for maintaining the various social media that represent the section with a continuous flow of content for our chapter members. They internally recruit a team called the INFO-group who help supplement the different medias 

Valter Jonsson

Head of Chapter Hall (Lokal)

The head of Chapter Hall holds the head responsibility for the chapter’s beautiful hall and to maintain, together with his internally recruited team Qurlinglandslaget, the place free from leftover dishes and dirt in order to provide the chapter’s members with a pleasant location to study and spend their time in. This entails being responsible for the bookings of the hall, the furniture of the hall and the general contents offered to the chapter members.

William Kåhre